Rasputina - December

The Winter Witch primarily has the ability to blast people with ice magic, augmenting this power with the ability to create numerous Ice Pillars across the battlefield, blocking off avenues of movement and using these newly created pillars as mirrors to “bounce” her spells off of. This gives Rasputina an extended range to threaten enemies she might otherwise be unable to see so that she can support the rest of her icy cultists by harassing her enemies from the backlines of the battlefield. The Cult of December is primarily split into two groups: Cannibal cultists that can eat corpses to heal themselves and ice creatures that become Ice Pillars when they are killed. Both of these groups utilize the Ice Pillars in different ways, whether they use them as potential weapons, new paths to traverse the table, or as alters to sacrifice to their master, December. Her enemies, once December has come her enemies will freeze.

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