Molly Core Box

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Released On: 31.03.2020

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Molly has moved away from her summoning roots to become a control master who excels at limiting her opponent’s options while empowering her own crew. The Forgotten, a ragtag crew of Undead gifted with some sentience, focus on their Fading Abilities, which grant various beneficial effects for discarding cards from their Control Hand.


Molly was an up-and-coming journalist when the Breach reopened. Very intelligent, and with an uncanny talent for uncovering the truth, Molly quickly established herself in Malifaux City. The Guild Public Relations Division had an entire team trying to quash the “Squidpiddge problem.” Ironically, her silence came at the hands of Seamus, one of the Guild’s most wanted criminals.

But even after death, Seamus wasn’t done with her, and crashed her funeral to raise her as a Belle to steal her away. The Red Chapel Killer seemed unusually obsessed. He didn’t dress her up like the other Belles (partly due to her constantly throwing up blood), and when she was destroyed, rather than replace her, he used the Gorgon’s Tear Soulstone to repair her. This had the unintended effect of restoring her mind and independence, and Molly fled.

It wasn’t long until she made a new Resurrectionist friend in Kirai Ankoku. With a newfound purpose to uplift Kirai from a spiraling depression, Molly agreed to help put an end to many of the prostitution rings in the city, leaving only a river of blood behind; a crimson stain that traveled all the way to the entrance of the Qi and Gong.

Staying ahead of Seamus – and thanks to the events with Kirai and the Guild – hasn’t been easy. She has tried to make a life for herself, despite her own troubles getting in the way. These days, many undead seeking sympathy often find it in Molly. Sadly, one of her closest friends, a zombified head by the name of Philip, was snatched up by the Guild.

To get close enough to get him back, Molly has infiltrated the Malifaux Tattler as a freelance journalist, hoping to use the position to learn where the Death Marshals are keeping Philip. Though she knows she may be discovered at any moment, Molly cannot deny how good it feels to be writing again.

Despite her best efforts at the Tattler, finding where Philip was being kept has been an arduous process at best. Keeping up with perfume and makeup to conceal her… condition is an expensive endeavor, not to mention that every Death Marshal and Guild Guard she interviews seem to be more interested in the sewers (or themselves) than a talking severed head.

But if Molly is anything, she’s creative. Sooner or later, an idea will come to her, and when that happens, it’ll only be a matter of time before she grows tired of Philip talking her ear off once again.


  • 1x Molly Squidpiddge
  • 1x Philip and the Nanny
  • 1x Necrotic Machine
  • 3x Rabble Risers

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.