Kaeris Core Box

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Kaeris Core Box

Arcanists – Wildfire

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The new leader of the Arcanists is a pyromaniac who turns the battlefield into a flaming hellscape of Pyre Markers. The arsonist Wildfire Crew tosses out the Burning Condition left and right to any model in their way and most of these firebugs have ways to increase Burning Damage, spread it further, or to move Pyre Markers around the battlefield, hedging their enemies in with spreading walls of flame.


Control is an illusion.

That was the lesson Anasalea Kaeris learned when she came to Malifaux. Once a woman of strict routine and control, Kaeris acted as a “troubleshooter” for the M&SU, typically by shooting said trouble.

She developed a fascination with the arcane arts, but failed to so much as conjure a spark. Frustrated and angry, Kaeris accidentally lashed out in her workshop, letting go of control and acting on her anger. In that moment, the flames leapt forth like a tidal wave of aetheric power. It would take time for Ramos to expand her capabilities, but with patience and the appropriate education, just about anything can be accomplished.

Ramos took full advantage of Kaeris’ power by making her the “public” face of the Arcanists. For months, she conducted brazen raids on Guild holdings, burning them to the ground. The sight of her metal wings in the sky became an ill omen, and the bounty on her head a point of personal pride. What Ramos chose to ignore, though, is that fire cannot be controlled.

The death of Governor-General Herbert Kitchener gave Ramos a window to pursue what he would claim as a personal project, and he split leadership of the Arcanists and the M&SU between Kaeris and Toni Ironsides, respectively. This suited them both well, for a time, until Toni betrayed Ramos to the Guild with a backroom deal that was too good to ignore, even if it meant giving up her mentor in the process.

A furious Kaeris began a rampage of destruction, promising to make the Guild pay for each day they kept Ramos in chains. As she sent their warehouses and offices asunder,Kaeris not-so-quietly planned her revenge against her equal, Toni, as well. For the angel of fire and chaos, grudges are not as easily snuffed out as a campfire or candlelight.

There will be hell to pay.

While Toni struggles to keep the M&SU together, arguing that they are only weakened while they are divided, Kaeris ignores her – for now – to fan the flames of rebellion and destruction, pushing her followers to more and more extreme actions. The Arcanists cannot be defeated, she argues, if there is no more Guild to fight.


  • 1x Kaeris
  • 1x Firestarter
  • 1x Eternal Flame
  • 3x Fire Gamin

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.