Core Space Patrol Class Shuttle

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Core Space Patrol Class Shuttle

This mini expansion for Core Space introduces the Patrol Class Shuttle, a Galactic Corps craft designed for high speed manoeuvrability in atmospheric pursuits. Now decommissioned, it is a solid, reliable craft popular with Traders. The shuttle makes it much easier to extract your crew from a tight spot or get around between games. The two thrilling new missions see you rebuild one of these shuttles from scrap and assist with an evac mission from a remote First Born temple.

Requires a Core Space Starter Set to play.

Advanced Kit – assembly requires some basic modelling skills and some parts require glue.


  • 1 Patrol Class Shuttle
  • 1 Cargo Crate
  • 5 Equipment Tokens
  • 8 Damage Counters
  • Mission Briefing & Rules Booklet