Ariadna Beast Pack

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Released On: 26.11.2021

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There are numerous stories, legends of the Ariadnan border, that speak of omerzeniye «aberrations» in Russian-such as wild bearpodes: Antipode-bear hybrids, even larger and more brutal than the golden bears that some tribes use as beastly war machines. And if that atrocious planet has created the Dog-Warriors, why would it not create bearpodes, which are hybrids of human, Antipode, and bear?

This box includes two miniatures: a thermoplastic-injected miniature of a Polaris Bearpode and a metal miniature of Masha, Polaris Controller. Add the savagery and brutality of the Polaris Team to your Ariadna army.


  • 1x Polaris Bearpode
  • 1x Controller

Please Note:

  • Product is supplied unpainted.