Pandora Core Box

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Pandora is notorious for twisting an enemy’s attacks back upon them, and little has changed in Third Edition. In addition to forcing enemy models to harm themselves, Pandora is also very good at controlling enemy activations via her Mood Swings Ability, which allows her to discard a card or a pass token to choose which model an opponent must activate next. As the embodiment of negative emotions, the Woes each have are tied to a specific Condition, allowing them to capitalize on that Condition with their Misery and Opportunist Abilities, allowing for a cornucopia of versatile effects.


When the sun sets over Malifaux, the city takes on an atmosphere of dread. Darkness looms over the streets as a comforting blanket. Shadows drift on their own like stretching phantoms. Lanterns flicker with foxfire. Creatures that move like animals, howl like humans in agony, and lurk in the alleys to pluck the susceptible and gullible from the world.

Amidst these growing horrors strolls a young woman humming a wordless tune, tilting her head to the archaic box in her hand as if it speaks to her. Speak to me. Where she walks monsters part and the unwary fall victim to their worst fears. Her name is Pandora – today, tomorrow it may be and where she goes, all hope dies.

Even the Neverborn fear Pandora, for when she opens the box, your worst nightmares are brought into reality. Reality. What a joke. She takes a twisted enjoyment in inflicting this fear on others, driving them to self-destructive despair. It’s more fun to let them do it to themselves. Sometimes it just takes a whisper, a song, an idea, a taste…

Only Lilith and Zoraida had shown any tolerance of her, for she was prone to growing bored without someone to “play” with. But Lilith was too preoccupied with trying to push humanity back through the Breach. Reaching for the stars just means a longer fall back to earth, dear. She went along with Zoraida’s many plans for Malifaux simply because it offered her plenty of humans to torment. Not nearly enough.

But the more Pandora played, the more she opened that box, the darker her mood became. The silent voice speaking in her head became more… her. The wailing inside. An echo. An earthquake. It was hard to tell at times where Pandora ended and the voice in the box began. Speak to me. It was getting so bad that when Zoraida summoned her, Pandora simply… didn’t answer. I did! You just didn’t hear me!

And then it all went wrong. Lilith was gone, and Zoraida was the reason why. Angry, confused, hurt, and not knowing how to handle it, Pandora surrendered more and more of herself to the box. Choices were always a problem. Guide me. Heal me. I will. Do everything I tell you to do. What would be left of her, in the end, she wondered? Pandora wasn’t sure she cared.

And that scares her. Save me.

I will. You just have to let me in.


  • 1x Pandora
  • 1x Candy
  • 1x Poltergeist
  • 1x Baby Kade
  • 3x Sorrows

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.