Lucas Core Box

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Following his termination by the Governor-General, Lucas McCabe has found himself in a desperate situation, working with new unknown allies. Fortunately, he’s retained his trusty horse and a cache of artifacts, which he can hand out to his subordinates to help them out in battle. As is befitting a group of treasure hunters and scoundrels, the Wastrels that follow him into battle often possess the Looted Supplies Ability, allowing them to draw a card if they start their Activation near a Scrap Marker.


In England, Lucas McCabe had a respected family name, money, education, and everything he could wish for… provided that he was comfortable living beneath the thumb of the Guild. He was not, as it turned out, and he soon left that life behind him in favor of exploration and historical study (or, as numerous police forces across the world would later claim, tomb robbery, smuggling, and black market dealing).

Lucas’ larcenous ways caught up with him in Egypt, but it was his fiancé, Karen, who paid the price. Murdered by people who wished to hurt McCabe, they stole his future by shooting her three times in the chest. She died on the empty desert sands, her soul absorbed by a Soulstone amulet that Lucas had discovered inside a pyramid. By drawing upon the power of Karen’s soul, Lucas was able to obliterate his attackers, albeit at the cost of his lover’s immortal soul.

After Karen’s death, Lucas became more reckless in his pursuit of artifacts. In his desperate attempts to forget his fiancé (and, perhaps, to get himself killed as way of punishing himself), he made numerous enemies, among them the Katanaka family. While forgiveness is not a virtue possessed by the Katanaka, they do understand the value of a useful asset and arranged for McCabe to be arrested by the Guild. As predicted, they recruited him for his unique skills, and soon he was traveling to Malifaux to serve the Governor-General himself.

For years, McCabe scoured both Earth and Malifaux for magical artifacts at Governor Kitchener’s request, each time turning the item over to the Governor-General only after it had been reviewed by his Ten Thunder masters. Eventually, they realized that the Governor-General was planning to become a Tyrant and arranged for McCabe to sabotage his ascension ritual. The plan succeeded, and Kitchener’s ritual was foiled, though with his disappearance, McCabe soon found himself out of a job. Neither the Governor’s Secretary nor his replacement had any interest in his services, and thus, McCabe was unceremoniously fired.

His treasure hunting days did not end with this Guild employment, however. Shortly after he was fired, Lucas was contacted by the Explorer’s Society, which wished to make use of his talents to track down a number of ancient Neverborn artifacts from the days of the Tyrant War. McCabe took them up on their offer and is once again back on the hunt.


  • 1x Lucas McCabe
  • 1x Lucas McCabe (Dismounted Hunter)
  • 1x Sidir Alchibal
  • 1x Luna
  • 3x Ruffians

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.