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The newest member of the Ten Thunders is the proprietor of the Qi and Gong, a mysterious brothel and information network for the crime syndicate nestled within the heart of Malifaux’s Little Kingdom. Youko has her fingers on the pulse of the city, and she uses this information to manipulate the enemy’s hand, generate Pass Tokens, and gain Soulstones – all of which lean into the Leverage Ability, possessed by herself and other Qi and Gong models, which allows them to discard Pass Tokens for bonuses on any duel they perform.


To say that the Katanaka family is slow to trust is an incredible understatement: traditionally, it would take generations for a vassal family to prove their loyalty and gain the trust of the family’s daimyo. Since arriving in Malifaux and founding the Ten Thunders, the family has relied upon outsiders to fill their ranks, but the most important positions within the organization are still held by members of the Katanaka family.

All, that is, save one.

At first glance, Youko Hamasaki appears to be nothing more than a particularly attractive young woman. Prior to assuming management of the Qi and Gong, the most famous (and infamous) tea house in the Little Kingdom, she managed a number of smaller tea and geisha houses, none of which were particularly notable.

In essence, she is exactly what someone would expect from a woman of her position, which is one of her greatest strengths. Youko knows just how to walk the line between ordinary and impressive to such a degree that she appears utterly unremarkable. It is a useful skill for a geisha to possess, and an even more useful skill for the woman who runs an impressively widespread spy network.

The amount of information that passes through Youko’s hands is staggering. Each day, thousands of reports find their way to the Qi and Gong: the mumbled words of a Guild agent speaking in his sleep, the scrawled tally of Soulstones the Union pulled out of a mine on a given day, the reports of traffic as spied out by spellcasters seeing through the eyes of curious pigeons… there is little that happens in Malifaux that does not make its way back to Youko, and she is very good at and extrapolating the behavior of others from that information.

That the Katanaka family trust her with such information is a testament to her skill and loyalty, though they might reconsider their trust if they had any idea just how much blackmail Youko has gathered on her fellow lieutenants. Youko doubts that she will ever have to turn over that particular card, but she believes in preparation.

Should anyone ever suspect that Youko is more than she seems, they would have a difficult time proving it. She has ruthlessly scoured all traces to her past life that can be found, save for one: her daughter, Chiyo. Any conversation about Chiyo’s parentage is forbidden, and those who have brought up the topic, even in passing, have disappeared completely.


  • 1x Youko Hamasaki
  • 1x Bill Algren
  • 1x Chiyo Hamasaki
  • 3x Geishas

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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