Shenlong Core Box

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Shenlong is a highly skilled master of the martial arts, and this continues to be represented by various Fighting Style Upgrades that he can shift through during the course of the game, providing both him and his totems potent new Actions and effects that allow him to approach any situation. In order to fight back their enemies, Shenlong and his Monks also utilize Chi Tokens, which can be discarded with the Harness Chi Ability to gain a significant bonus to any duel.


In the aftermath of the Tyrant War, one of the hunted Tyrants, the Dragon, carved its essence in half and hurled part of itself through the dimensions. Its severed half appeared on Earth and slammed into a mountain near Sicily, triggering a volcanic landslide that caused a megatsunami, devastating the eastern Mediterranean coastline.

Weakened by traveling through the dimensions, the Dragon bonded with a shaman that came to investigate the disturbance. Though kept youthful by the Dragon’s influence, the shaman’s body eventually failed her and she collapsed in a Tibetan river. The Dragon learned, to its horror, that it could not separate itself from its host’s corpse, and millennia slowly passed as the Dragon struggled to escape its prison of bone.

Eventually, the Dragon was freed and possessed a new host. Rather than risk such a long imprisonment again, it traveled across Tibet, twisting the tenets of Buddhism to suit its own needs and creating a dogma that had but one purpose: to prepare humans to become the Dragon’s next host.

Even as a young monk in the temple of High River, Shenlong was exceptional. His brutality was matched by a ruthless cunning that drove him to travel from one temple to the next, mastering each style in turn. While he was aware of the political power that this granted him, he was not prepared for what would follow.

As dusk fell one day, sunlight blazed from an isolated temple on the valley wall. Shenlong found himself drawn to the ancient building and entered to find the Dragon’s elderly host waiting for him. The Tyrant found Shenlong worthy of its presence and passed its essence from the old man into the awestruck young monk.

When Shenlong emerged from the temple in the morning, he was covered head to toe in dragon tattoos, and a new light blazed in his eyes. A new era in the valley had begun; the Dragon had chosen a new host.

Although he does not look it, Shenlong is over eighty years old. The Dragon does not permit its hosts to age at the normal rate, holding them at their physical peak for as long as possible. While initially honored to have been chosen as the host of such a powerful spirit, since coming to Malifaux, Shenlong has learned of the true intent of the Tyrant in finding its other half and has begun to seek a means of freeing himself from its destructive influence.


  • 1x Shenlong
  • 1x Sensei Yu
  • 2x Aspiring Students
  • 3x High River Monks

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.