Mei Feng Core Box

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Mei Feng Core Box

Ten Thunders / Arcanists – Foundry

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Mei Feng is the leader of the Foundry, a division of the M&SU that builds the railroads that stretch across Malifaux. This environment has forged her into a deadly warrior who can easily obtain the suits she needs to declare her devastating Triggers and continue her onslaught of deadly strikes. Like the rest of the Foundry, she possesses the Ride the Rails Ability, which allows her to teleport from one Scrap Marker to another, creating a network of rails on the battlefield.


Full of fire before she came to Malifaux, Mei Feng found herself with an even closer affinity for the element after passing through the Breach. While she was never able to throw fireballs at her enemies, she was still able master the art of heating metal and bending it to her will.

With this unique ability, it was easy for Mei Feng to find a position working in the Foundry, the division of the M&SU that oversaw the steady expansion of Malifaux’s rail lines. Between her magical talents and outspoken dislike of the Guild, it did not take long for Mei to draw the attention of the Arcanists. The criminal organization was impressed with Mei Feng’s skills and offered her a position of leadership in the Foundry, provided that she would become one of its agents.

Mei Feng accepted the deal, and soon she was able to speed up or slow down the construction of Malifaux’s rail lines to whatever degree she and her Arcanist masters wished. Unbeknownst to her new allies, however, Mei Feng’s true loyalty was not to the Arcanists but to the Ten Thunders. This was not the blind loyalty of a faithful servant, but the desperate loyalty of someone with few other options. She attempted to curry favor with the Arcanists to break the hold the Ten Thunders had over her numerous times, but Victor Ramos was too wary of Mei’s motives to fully trust her.

Misaki’s coup was, in many ways, the best thing that has happened to Mei Feng since she arrived in Malifaux. For the first time, she finally feels as if she might have a say in her own destiny, a freedom that has expressed itself in her deepening relationship with English Ivan, a dapper man who rescued her after a confrontation with the former Governor-General and nursed her back to health. Her feelings for Ivan are unexplored territory for her, but she has charged into them with the same reckless abandon that has defined much of her life.

Mei’s passion is seen as a virtue by the workers of the Foundry, who are fiercely loyal to her and her alone. Much of this loyalty is due to Mei’s habit of purchasing mechanical limbs for injured workers out of her own pocket, ensuring that they can still work to support their families. Mei might not give a damn about the plots of the Arcanists or the Ten Thunders, but her concern for her people is unquestionable.


  • 1x Mei Feng
  • 1x Kang
  • 1x Forgeling
  • 3x Rail Workers

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.