Reva Core Box

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Reva Core Box

Ressurectionists – Revenant

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The fire inside Reva that drives her and beckons others to follow her cause has come to a front in Third Edition. Reva now utilizes Pyre Markers, the flames crafted from the corpses of those who fall around her. The Revenant Crew make great use of these Pyre Markers via their Spirits in the Flames Ability, allowing them to commune with the Spirits lying dormant within the Pyre and granting them the Shielded Condition any time they move through such Pyres of the dead.


Reva was born to a wealthy family that was well-established within the ranks of the Guild. She was always an awkward child and never quite fit in, but all of that took on a whole new meaning when her family moved to Malifaux City.

She began taking walks through graveyards late at night and whispered to spirits that weren’t there. Most disturbingly, she instilled a sense of purpose and devotion in those around her that should have been beyond the ability of a child.

Over the years, her mother and father took her to every doctor they could find until finally seeking the help of an Exorcist. However, instead of helping to rid the girl of a possession, he relinquished her from the clasps that kept her tied to the bed in the attic, making enemies of the Guild, his former employers, in the process. But when he walked up those stairs and met face to face with Reva Cortinas, the instinct to ignore his responsibilities as an Exorcist and instead release the shackles overtook him. It was as though his entire life was in darkness, and it was the first time he saw the faint flicker of a flame trapped behind glass, waiting to be released.

Upon being freed, Reva wandered the Slums and Quarantine Zone, amassing followers as she went, both living and undead alike. She treated walking corpses with the same respect and dignity as any who would follow her.

Seeing her devotees suffer is the only thing that seems to truly anger her, and it brings a fire with it that promises the certainty of death, no matter where the perpetrator flees.

Reva and her followers have slowly moved through the Quarantine Zone, gathering more like moths to a drifting candle flame. Resources quickly began to strain, but the fates smiled on them when the Freikorps evacuated the Powderburg District to build their own secluded compound. Recognizing that the fortifications they left behind in the QZ would make an ideal settlement, Reva and her believers have relocated there. Only a few buildings have been reclaimed, as Von Schill left a gauntlet of traps behind to discourage would-be looters, but so far it is the best promise of safety the group has from those who don’t understand them.

There is a fire inside Reva, and to some, it is a warmth that stretches out and over them like a welcoming embrace. To feel connected to something greater is often enough to follow, to let go of the weak trappings that binds oneself to this world, but for the followers who have been in the dark for so long, Reva is not only a beacon, she is the unyielding answer.


  • 1x Reva Cortinas
  • 1x Vincent St. Clair
  • 2x Corpse Candles
  • 3x Shieldbearers

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.