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The headmaster of the infamous University of Transmortis is the newest necromancer to join the ranks of the Resurrectionists. Von Schtook is a summoner, though he approaches it in a different manner than most necromancers, in that he allows his undead students to do the summoning under his guidance. Focusing his teachings on how to cripple his enemies, the Trasmortis Students all possess the Studied Opponent Ability, allowing them to draw cards when matching an enemy’s suit in an opposed duel.


Professor Albus Von Schtook, Dean of Admission at Transmortis University, is a man truly devoted to academia. Each new semester is a fresh start that fills him with a lively energy, and each new student is like fresh clay, waiting to be rendered into something… better suited to Transmortis’ unique curriculum.

Originally an Astronomy Professor from Heidelburg, Albus came to Malifaux to study the stars. But while his colleagues enjoyed success in other avenues of science, Von Schtook was baffled. Malifaux’s stars refused to obey the laws upon which he was so familiar; the arrangement of stars shifted imperceptibly, and no constellation lasted more than a few months. After stumbling upon more questions without any answers, Von Schtook felt that his mind had slipped beyond comprehension and into a space where every scientific doubt became an endless, unsolvable rabbit hole. The less he was able to grasp, the more frustrated he became, and soon, Von Schtook fell into a deep and confounding depression, a feeling he had been able to overcome all his life as long as he was able to connect the dots between theory and fact.

Much like losing a lifelong lover, the heartache in his inability to study the stars made him turn away from the sky forever, so much so that he felt it necessary to hide from them. He concluded that the only way to do so was to rid his eyes of the view altogether, and so he found a home in the Cistern Seven.

No one is certain why Von Schtook turned to necromancy; perhaps it was the bodies that drifted and collected in the reservoir that inspired him, their wet, gray, and shining corpses like stardust against the black, murky water. Or perhaps all it took was a whisper and a lonely ear waiting to hear it…

After months of reclusion, he surprised his colleagues by inviting them for holiday drinks at his home beneath the Southern Slums, which was also the same night that they had all vanished. Then one bleak April evening, the citizens of Malifaux received a signal that overrode their aethervox programs and were presented with Von Schtook’s first lesson; the transformation of a screaming subject into an Iron Zombie, an abhorrent merging of flesh and machinery.

Though he has kept the University of Transmortis sequestered away for years, recent events have spurred Albus to take a more active role in the education of his fellow Resurrectionists. Transmortis has opened its doors, in a fashion, to any who seek its knowledge, though only those of exceptional talent will earn a passing grade without becoming a permanent member of the undead student body.


  • 1x Prof. Von Schtook
  • 1x Anna Lovelace
  • 1x Research Assistant
  • 3x Undergraduates

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.