Jack Daw Core Box

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Jack Daw Core Box

Outcasts – Tormented

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As befitting his crew of terrifying zombies, Jack Daw has split his focus and now serves the Resurrectionists as well as the Outcasts. He has also shifted back towards his original roots: he only has six wounds, but each time he suffers damage, he can discard a card to reduce that damage to 1. Similarly, whenever a model in his Crew would draw cards, he can instead heal damage. The Tormented takes full of advantage of his ability to attach Curse Upgrades to enemy models with their Torment Ability, which allows them to draw a card by damaging enemy models with Upgrades.


No one forgets their first sight of the Hanging Tree.

Everyone who crosses through the Breach can see it, where hanged men drift in the wind right in view from the train station. For years, at the top of the tree, beyond the reach of any man, a man named Jack Daw hung.

There are many legends of this mysterious corpse, which had been present since the reopening of the Breach. Guardsmen whisper that he can’t be cut down, that he will disappear for hours only to return at dawn. Terrified survivors claim to have seen a man matching his description – his head bagged and his neck fitted for the noose – leading a horde of angry dead against those who have committed some act of betrayal, no matter how righteous, leaving only the innocent to bear witness. These were all stories to keep children in bed at night, or so many have thought. The Guild denies it all, of course.

Unbeknownst to any but perhaps Zoraida, Jack Daw was once a normal, mortal man; a petty thief from the days of the Breach’s first opening. Up until recently, he barely remembered anything from his mortal past, only that he had been betrayed to a fate worse than death. There is no face or name tied to that memory, only an instinct, a premonition, and the runic tattoos etched across his decaying skin.

Those who cross through the Breach and into Malifaux for the first time these days are unlikely to see Jack Daw’s seemingly lifeless corpse drifting in the wind, regardless of the hour. His complete absence has become a source of unease. Those who are charged to guard the tree from trespassers and vandals welcome this sudden and extended disappearance, but to those that have a deeper understanding of the darkness that rests at Malifaux’s core, it is nothing short of an omen.

Some say that they have seen him in the city. An eerie green glow from an alley here, a severed noose covered in maggots there, a maniacal laugh as soft as a whisper… The stories are as wide spanning as they are panic-inducing. What could possibly cause the hanging man to leave those unhallowed grounds?

What stirs in the ill-famed Jack Daw can only be known to the hanging man himself. But he is nearly ready for his story to be told…


Faction: Outcasts

Keyword: Tormented


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