Viktoria Core Box

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The Viktorias are unique in that they are actually a master split into two models. For Third Edition, we’ve given both Viktorias the same stat card, allowing for both to provide effective roles on the battlefield regardless of their model weapon choice. Keeping with their theme within Second Edition, these new Viktorias retain their glass-cannon playstyle, with hypermobility and damage. Their thematic crew, a loose band of mercenaries, all possess the Battle Tempo Ability; allowing them to reposition at the start of each turn.


It was once the allure of great and boundless treasure that drove Viktoria Chambers deeper toward the corners of Malifaux. With each prize claimed, stone turned, and battle won, the stakes and desires for something greater grew. Soon, the rare Soulstones and artifacts did not fulfill the want in the ways they once had. No amount of scrip could fill that void. Viktoria and her “sister,” – a doppleganger who was once assigned to kill Viktoria, and instead decided to become her ally until death – both knew that deep down, nothing would.

It wasn’t until much later that Viktoria had realized that the void was not a void at all, but a voice. It spoke to her with words of power and glory, of thrones upon which to sit and kingdoms upon which to rule. Prizes and treasures that were once considered impossibilities, that even to fathom them was a waste of time for a mercenary always looking for the next easy opportunity, were now fresh fruit to pluck from a tree.

This voice assured her, comforted her, that the limitations of what she – no, they – could accomplish were only lines drawn in sand, and a tide was coming. With the voice’s help, not only could they weather the storm, they would become it.

Eventually, she and her doppleganger aimed for a trophy that none have yet been able to claim, not even the Tyrants. Not for ages. The rarest prize for the strongest bounty hunters: the head of the immortal queen, Titania. She and her twin gathered what information they could before marching into the Badlands alongside several dozen of the most dangerous sellswords Malifaux had to offer.

With each kill, the voice became louder, and her doppleganger sister’s became naught but a murmur. The voice asked for blood and Viktoria delivered an ocean, just as the voice had predicted. But there is always a cost to immeasurable power.

Even her twin saw her in a different light, driven not by glory or treasure, but by madness. As their numbers dwindled and when the time for desperate measures came, Viktoria Chambers was separated from her trusted Masamune and was forced to leave it – and its guiding voice – behind.

Reeling from her first defeat, Viktoria Chambers must now find a new drive that defines her. Luckily, she is not alone in this endeavor.


  • 2x Viktoria Chambers
  • 1x Vanessa Chambers
  • 3x Ronin

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.