Tara Core Box

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After her split from the Resurrectionists, Tara is now a pure Outcast. While her primary focus is still on Burying enemy models, which temporarily removes them from the table, she has also gained the Ability to summon most of her thematic crew, though they enter play Buried. To enter the battlefield, the minions of Obliteration will have to make use of their From Nothing Ability, which allows them to end another model’s Fast Condition in order to Unbury next to them.


Tara has come a long way from very humble beginnings. Orphaned from childhood – a former life that feels so distant now – she had to claw her way up as an unwanted nobody to a renowned gun-for-hire to something else entirely, devoid of description or understanding. In order to become one of the most feared residents of Malifaux, it takes patience and time. Thankfully, due to her own circumstances, Tara has all the time in the world. Patience on the other hand…

Before she became what she is now, Tara was an intimidating gunslinger that was willing to take upon just about any contract, regardless of the target. Killing came to her as easily as breathing, and in Malifaux, she developed an uncanny ability to sense nearby Neverborn and put them down, a job that was normally solicited by the Ortega family alone. There were some jobs that even Perdita refused to take, which was an open opportunity for Tara’s budding business.

This talent was what lead to her life to irrevocably change forever. While on a hunt, she was subconsciously drawn into the prison of the Tyrant Obliteration.

Far from the domineering attitude many would expect of a Tyrant, Obliteration offered her a partnership, and a fragment of its power to take with her into the physical world. He made no secret of his desire to destroy all things, starting with his enemies, the other Tyrants. Astutely reading that Tara shared a similarly nihilistic attitude, she willfully agreed. When she left the confines of the Tyrant’s prison to the real world, she did not go alone. Karina – a woman who had also been trapped in the prison – traveled alongside her.

At the crest of her power, as the world shone before her in a new light, Tara was gunned down where she stood by a sniper. Were it not for Karina’s own unique power, that could have very well been the anticlimactic end to Tara’s story. Instead, she was returned to exist as an undead, somehow retaining autonomy over her own body, though it is unknown whether her control is thanks to her connection to the Tyrant or Karina’s unique skillset.

True to her word, Tara has been quietly serving Obliteration, destroying evidence of his existence and bringing new servants into the fold. Titania’s return threatens her plans for Malifaux, and so she seeks a means to contain – or destroy – the Autumn Queen.


  • 1x Tara
  • 1x Karina
  • 1x Nothing Beast
  • 3x Void Wretches

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.