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As one of Malifaux’s most dangerous bandits, Parker is well-known for his elaborate planning. With the Ability to steal cards, Soulstones, and other resources from enemy models, Parker epitomizes the bandit lifestyle by blending solid ranged damage and Scheme Marker manipulation. As members of the Barrows Gang, his Bandit allies possess the Run and Gun Ability, allowing them to make projectile attacks when they take the Charge Action, instead of melee attacks.


Parker Barrows was supposed to inherit a fortune, but it was taken from him by his scheming brother. The coward didn’t even have the nerve to steal it honestly. Instead, he hid behind lawyers and litigation. To bring the law into this… Who does that?

Now Parker roams with the Barrows Gang, a group of outlaws and bandits just as contemptuous of the law as Parker. They steal anything that isn’t bolted down (and even some things that are), hitting caravans, robbing trains, and shaking down well-off and naive travelers. Parker has his standards, however; he looks the people in the eyes as he robs them, never hiding his crimes behind a judge or a piece of paper.

But with success came notoriety, and while Parker was never one to shy from the attention, it did make him a bigger target for the Arcanists and the Guild. Well, you can’t have a success story without someone else looking to dip their hands into your pockets.

Getting an invite from Von Schill to join him on the frontier seemed like a trap, but as he learned that mercenaries were in it just as bad as he was, he started to see the potential merits in banding together. Plus, having a little bit of muscle here and there for some of the more difficult jobs doesn’t hurt any. At least that’s how he justifies having to make another cut into his profits.

His more recent misadventures have led him to hunkering down in the Northern Hills more than he would have hoped. Living off of what crawls into a cave dwelling or an abandoned mine isn’t the way Parker prefers, but being the best at what he does sometimes means lying low and remaining hidden from the Guild’s robotic birds in the sky.

It’s a lesson that the rest of the gang still needs to learn, as patience takes time. Luckily for them, there’s a gold coin in the shape of a zeppelin waiting to be plucked, peeking just over the horizon.

Where that airship will take them is anyone’s guess, but anywhere is better than here. Who knows, maybe the last job made the right impression and the bounty on his head has tripled as of late. It’d be a nice change of pace if the work came to him every once in a while.


  • 1x Parker Barrows
  • 1x Mad Dog Brackett
  • 1x Doc Mitchell
  • 3x Bandidos

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.