Leveticus Core Box

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Released On: 31.03.2020

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While still searching for immortality, Leveticus has come closer to death than many other living creatures. Relying on his Hollow Waifs as extra lives, Leveticus in M3E teeters on the verge of death, of abusing his Health as an additional resource for his allies or damage against his enemies. His ruinous Amalgamations though use the life essence of themselves and those around them in a fluid exchange with both the Unmade and Entropy Abilities slowly draining the lives of those around them.



Leveticus seems to be a man stuck in time, one who is at odds at the definition of aging – an illusionary construct of humanity’s own making. No one, not even his most trusted associates, truly knows how long he has lived. Had they only known that deathlessness was within their reach, and the cost was something as small as another’s life…

For years, Leveticus was the proprietor of Captivating Salvage and Logistics, a small shop in Malifaux City that offered a variety of services. He and his young companion, Alyce, have been staples of the city since the opening of the Breach. Whatever the job or item required, common wisdom holds that Leveticus was the man to talk to, especially in regards to the strange or impossible. It is because of his storefront that he has managed to acquire relationships with all walks of life in Malifaux City.

If asked about the less than reputable incidents he was rumored to have engaged in, Leveticus would normally offer a shrug and a smile, dismissing such hearsay as beneath him. If someone came to him with evidence of his actions, well… Malifaux is a dangerous city. People disappear all the time. It is especially easy for a man who knows where to find obscure and rare items to also know the best places to hide a body.

While the Guild’s recent outlawing of mercenaries did not directly affect Leveticus and his business, their increasing stranglehold over the city meant it was becoming exceedingly difficult to continue his more… controversial research. Freiholt would have no such restrictions however, so Leveticus made the decision to join them. Or, at the very least, start a Captivating Salvage and Logistics branch there. It would be unwise to completely jump ship without first ensuring that his business would flourish in a place as barren as the Badlands.

While Alyce sees to their transition and to the most recent Scavenger hires, Leveticus has used the absence of Victor Ramos and Douglas McMourning to plunder some of their safe houses for designs or notes that might benefit him. McMourning’s research into longevity and immortality intrigue Leveticus, whose body is steadily degrading the more he uses his own magic to return from death.

Somewhere in the mortician’s scribbled madness lies the secret, assuming Leveticus doesn’t drive himself crazy deciphering medical insights from coq au vin recipes.



  • 1x Leveticus
  • 1x Rusty Alyce
  • 2x Hollow Waifs
  • 3x Scavengers

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.