Hamelin Core Box

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Hamelin has been refocused around his Blight mechanic, which has taken the form of Blight Tokens. The minions of Plague hand these tokens out via the Diseased Ability, which places Blight Tokens on models that activate near them. As models accumulate more Blight, Hamelin and other Plague models become more powerful, as can be demonstrated with a glance at the Bleeding Disease Action, which deals damage equal to the number of Blight Tokens possessed by the target.


Centuries ago in Malifaux, there was a preeminent alchemist seeking a means to control decay and aging. An accident unleashed an aetheric plague on the city, one that nearly consumed him, as well. In choking desperation, he reached into the aether while it tore at his very essence. His mortal shell disintegrated like ash, and the Tyrant known as Plague was born.

More smoke, disease, or apparition than man, Plague’s original goal to defy the inevitability of what comes after life was met, albeit at a small price: his own flesh. What new aspirations could one muster once the confines of humanity were washed away? For starters, complete and ultimate power of the rest of the world, and then the worlds beyond, should work.

There were few that could begin to fathom how to defeat what could not be contained, but all good things must come to an end, even if only temporarily. Weakened by the Grave Spirit and ultimately defeated by the Autumn Queen, Titania, he was soon bound to a tomb under Malifaux City, somewhere deep within the unknown catacombs that made the Necropolis.

And for many years, there he waited. A cave-in, an earthquake, a tsunami… he imagined every natural occurrence that could free him from his prison, but in a shade of irony, what subsequently freed him was the ever-spreading disease that choked the earth of its resources, the malady that he was once a part of. When humanity arrived, a hapless human named Hamelin uncovered his tomb, and Plague consumed his body, claiming it for himself.

The most active and aggressive Tyrant to return thus far, Hamelin has unleashed devastating plagues on the city and spread untold destruction, all with the intended goal of achieving true immortality. So far, his efforts have been quashed only at great sacrifice.

This does not bother Hamelin. With each battle lost, lasting wounds were inflicted upon his enemies. He views himself and his fellow Tyrants as players in some great game, with godhood as the prize. In the meantime, he spreads his lethal sickness and gathers the lost and hopeless to him to act as his agents.

As he continues to amass an army of hapless dredges, Hamelin has set his eyes on the one who once prevented him from his ascension, the Autumn Queen. Rather than get his own hands dirty, though, why not convince those of flesh and blood to end her life instead? As the saying goes, two birds with one stone…


  • 1x Hamelin
  • 1x Nix
  • 1x Obedient Wretch
  • 3x Stolen
  • 4x Malifaux Rats

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.