Titania Core Box

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The self-proclaimed Queen of the Neverborn is far more durable than one might suspect at first glance. On the tabletop, she serves as a defensive tank who twists the terrain around her to her own advantage. This Queen and her Fae possess the unique Ability Abundant Growth, allowing them to create terrain at the start of the game, punishing their enemies and providing a home-field advantage to the crew.


Titania is the Queen of the Fae. The Third Law. The Keeper of the Old World. The Storm and the Withered Rose. She is the Autumn Queen, and she has returned to this world once more.

In ancient Malifaux, before humans had ever seen a Soulstone, Titania had ruled the Fae. Her reign was a long and prosperous one, and her throne remained unrivaled. That is, until the Tyrants came. She led her people, her creatures, her knights, against the Tyrants and was instrumental in the construction of Kythera. But some of her followers believed she had grown too strong, and they betrayed her within Nythera, locking her away for centuries.

When Nythera was opened by clumsy human hands, the Fae were at last freed. Weakened from their long slumber, they looked upon a world changed and found it wanting. Titania immediately set about shifting the course of Fate to her design.

She has called out to those who still owed her fealty, and they have answered. Some, like Euripides, were slower to respond, but if Kythera has taught the Queen anything, it is patience. She has forged new pacts with mortals that she has allowed to dwell and walk upon her earth, such as Marcus and Nekima. With each passing minute, she further fortifies her position, and with each day, more of her old power is restored.

Soon, the Tyrants will be brought to ruin.

But the creation of the Burning Man worries Titania. She had dismissed the humans on her world as inconsequential intruders – clever and numerous, but ultimately too primitive and pitiful to be a true threat. To learn that they had already come so close to becoming Tyrants themselves was a sign that she could no longer afford to wait.

The Autumn banner spreads from the Wildlands, striking at key targets across the countryside.

All will bow to the Wyrdwood Throne.

All will serve Titania once more.

Those who resist will become ash, and her growing dominion will feed upon them like a plant to fertile soil.


  • 1x Titania
  • 1x Aeslin
  • 1x Gorar
  • 3x Autumn Knights

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.