Dreamer Core Box

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A few years make all the difference, don’t they? The Dreamer has grown up a bit has embraced his role as a summoner of horrific Nightmares. Unlike his previous iterations, both The Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits make their way to the field from the start of the game and work as a duo rather than swapping between the two. As a crew, the Nightmares exploit their enemies fear with their Feed on Fear Ability, allowing them to Heal whenever an enemy fails a Willpower duel around them, such as from their horrific visage embodied by their Terrifying Ability.


The human boy most Neverborn know only as the Dreamer was born in London to wealthy parents. Though they offered him a happy life, the boy preferred to dwell within his imagination, away from the children who feared his tales of monsters and creeping shadows.

The parents sought a means to cure their son of these visions, but the doctors could not find a way to pry the boy from his delusions. Slowly, he retreated into his own mind, where he created friends, and family, and people who would give him the fun he desired.

When Nytemare found him, the Tyrant learned that not only was the Dreamer unafraid of him, but had a power over dreams that rivaled Nytemare’s own. Exploiting the child’s need for a playmate, Nytemare became his friend, Lord Chompy Bits.

Together, they learned how to manifest themselves in Malifaux while the Dreamer slept, and they had such fun preying on the hapless victims there. To the Dreamer, it was all mere fantasy. To Nytemare, it was a chance to slake his thirst for blood for the first time in millennia.

When the Burning Man appeared over London, the Dreamer’s father was torn apart by rampaging madmen and uncontrollable flames. It was in that moment, watching him burn, that the Dreamer finally woke up.

His father had always said that boys eventually become men and would need to put away childish things, and after the death of his family in front of his very eyes, his drifting and aimless dreams settled like molten rock from a volcano. It was time to embrace the chaos the only way he knew how.

But he still has the Tyrant at his side. Nytemare has begun taking up the mantle of a father figure to the boy, teaching him new ways to utilize his power, and taking a measure of pride as the child grows into a sinister, cruel young man.

With the creeping darkness that dwells and swallows his world Earthside, so too have his creations warped into malicious imaginations. Having to protect himself in his waking hours from the endless Cult has only further tainted his dreams as he sleeps, and the Tyrant beside him is taking full advantage of his former innocence being bent and brutalized, tending to the boy’s sanity until it is ready to finally break.

Then it will be time to have some fun.


  • 1x The Dreamer
  • 1x Lord Chomby Bits
  • 1x Coppelius
  • 3x Alps

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.