Lucius Core Box

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Released On: 29.11.2019

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The leader of the Elite Division has retained his dual-faction status and is more than willing to work with both Guild and Neverborn alike. As a politician and commander, Lucius is very good at ordering his subordinates around the battlefield, and he’s even retained the services of a few dozen hidden snipers, making him an unlikely source of ranged damage. While his outward persona might be trustworthy, Lucius hides dark secrets and hidden goals, often best accomplished with the Mimics hidden within his forces- shifting their faces and Actions for any need. Knowing better than to ask questions, the forces of the Elite Division possess the Following Orders Ability allowing them to draw a card when controlled by a superior officer.


The Right Honorable Lucius Gustavius FitzWilliam Mattheson. Here he comes, gliding through the Vice-Regal manor like a perfectly-groomed shadow, his voice as soft as his footsteps, as smooth as the cognac he pours for his most favored visitors. A Master of Letters from Geneva, a Doctorate of Laws from Salzburg, Empire Day honors for services to the realm. And by all accounts a capable fencer and polo player and a rather fine violinist, too. What brought such a sophisticate out of the halls of Parliament and into a world like Malifaux?

Nobody knows. Nobody even knows if any of the many grand and elaborate stories he tells of his past are even remotely true. More importantly, nobody except a select few know what’s behind his mask, and fewer still have survived upon seeing with their own eyes. And that fills Lucius with quiet glee.

After establishing himself as Secretary to the Governor-General, Lucius groomed the ambitious but short-sighted Herbert Kitchener, fueling his thirst for power with one hand while sowing the seeds of his eventual destruction with the other. But Lucius underestimated Kitchener’s impatience, who enacted a ritual intended to give him ultimate power. To Lucius’s shock, Kitchener almost succeeded.

Kitchener died, and the Burning Man was born. The Guild enacted a swift response, and before Lucius could orchestrate the disaster to his liking, Franco Marlow was appointed the new Governor-General. Marlow held Lucius responsible for his mishandling of the debacle, an accusation that he holds close to his heart. Or, he would… if he had one.

Lucius rankles at the indignity of this temporary inconvenience, of this brief yet raw embarrassment, but he is far from finished from his intent of climbing the ladder. Of obtaining ultimate, unyielding, and absolute power. The allegations, the strange looks, the demotions… they’re all just setbacks; short walls that can easily be stepped over or destroyed.

Many still swear their fealty to him alone, and others, well, they should have read the fine print on their contracts. They will come when called, like it or not. Marlow may not bend his ear to him, not yet, but there are so many others Lucius can speak to, and when he does, they listen.


  • Lucius Mattheson
  • The Scribe
  • Agent 46
  • 3 Guild Lawyer

Please Note:

  • One Lucius Core Box supplied.
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.