Euripides Core Box

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The newest master of the Neverborn is Euripides, an ancient prophet of the giants who has descended from the mountains at the behest of Titania. As a creature of ice and frost, Euripides is capable of creating ice pillars across the battlefield and hurling them at his enemies, controlling the battlefield, or even teleporting to the pillars in a Shattering Surprise. In addition to their frozen tricks, Euripides and his rune-bound Savages also worship using The Old Ways, allowing them to flip cards from their discard pile, rather than their Fate Deck.


The Lord of the High Mountains, the First Haruspex, and Old One-Eye. These are just some of the titles bestowed on Euripides. Nearly as ancient as Titania, and older than most of his kin by centuries, Euripides has served the Autumn Queen longer than most, not out of true loyalty or even of fear, but of the foresight that tells him her rule is inevitable, and so it is meant to be.

In the mythical age, before even Old Malifaux, it is said that Euripides was a savage, short-sighted warrior. His ferocity united the various Gigant tribes, and they set out into the lowlands in search of new conquests. It was there that he met Titania, and in a battle that lasted many days, they earned a mutual respect for the other. Since he could not be reasoned with, Titania instead offered him knowledge. Taking up the eye she had plucked from his head, she used it to forge a talisman and bade Euripides to meditate on its power.

Euripides sat before the talisman for weeks, rising only to hunt, decorating the talisman with the entrails of his prey and studying their coils and shape, gleaning insights that went beyond the auguries of even Titania’s dryw. On the second moon of the second month, Euripides finally smashed the talisman, bowed at Titania’s feet, and offered his and his kin’s eternal loyalty.

No one beyond Euripides himself is truly sure what he saw, but he has never rekindled the near-mindless ferocity he once had. His emotions seem tempered by the future he sees in spilled entrails, an acknowledgment that choice and free-will are useless illusions in the face of the god-like entities that call Malifaux theirs.

Before Titania fell into her near-eternal prison, Euripides and his gigants drifted to the north, to stake claim in the silent expanse of ice and stone. It was safe there, far from the reach of new intruders and old usurpers. There he waited, watched, and listened for Nythera to open, knowing that the Queen would call upon his aid once more.

His slow climb down the mountain is but a small quake before an avalanche that will sweep all of Malifaux. Once at his Queen’s side, Euripides intends on ensuring that the Fate he has envisioned so clearly during those solitary ages comes to fruition, and there is no one in his path able to stop him.