Sonnia Core Box

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Sonnia Core Box

Guild – Witch Hunter

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Since being relieved of the Tyrant that possessed her, Sonnia Criid has refocused her abilities. She still decimates enemies with her powerful fire magic, of course, but now her summoning capabilities have been rolled over onto her base card, allowing her to summon Witchlings more aggressively. Often dispatched to fend off and hunt the rogue mages of Malifaux, the Witch Hunters possess the Arcane Shield and Counterspell Abilities, which provide some additional shielding each turn and forces enemy models to discard a card when declaring Triggers against them. These effects allow the Witch Hunters just enough defense so that they can play in a hyper-aggressive manner, picking off their enemies from range or burning their souls to the point of no return.


Sonnia Criid leads the Witch Hunters, arguably the most feared and maligned Special Division the Guild has in Malifaux. They are the boogeymen of Malifaux, snatching people from their jobs or invading their homes in the middle of the night in the name of bringing justice down against those who manipulate magic in any unlawful way.

Her task is not about killing monsters, but about controlling the spread of illegal magic in the city – and the vague wording in her contract has only helped in that control. This includes rounding up any human who demonstrates arcane powers upon passing through the Breach, as well as contending with the terrorists known as the Arcanists.

Sonnia’s job is that of an inquisitor and a wetworks operative. Defeating the Arcanists doesn’t just involve arresting them or defending against their attacks, but twisting their intentions and actions in a way that paints the Arcanists as dangerous madmen. Any tactic the Arcanists wield, she wields back at them, sometimes literally fighting fire with fire.

Part of her duties – and her contract with the Guild – involves the collection of illegal magic items, a job that seemingly has doubled since Lucas McCabe was unceremoniously let go. Most of them are destined for the furnace, but a few Sonnia sees use in and keeps for herself in a vast archive that is forbidden to all but a few members of her division and the Governor-General himself (to her annoyance).

Sometimes potent items find her instead. When the Tyrant Cherufe consumed her in his flame, her hate was borne anew. As uncontrollable as a meteor crashing to the earth, the fire and anger consumed her. If it weren’t for Samael and Perdita, she would have become nothing more than kindling to Cherufe’s eternal embers. Instead, a silver and steel mask of unknown origin was bound to her, containing the rage and the Tyrant along with it.

When the Burning Man was created, Sonnia was freed of Cherufe’s influence, and the mask. Her face was painfully reconstructed thanks to Douglas McMourning’s insights in surgery and skin grafting, but there are some who believe Sonnia is not the same person as before.

Sonnia Criid now carries the mask at her hip as a reminder that even the most devoted and stalwart can be overtaken by darkness, and wears it when the time to strike fear into the hearts of her enemies is deemed necessary. But as soon as the battle is over and the flames die down, the mask comes off, lest the nightmares of what the Tyrant had done to her are allowed to fester.



  • 1x Sonnia Criid
  • 1x Samual Hopkins
  • 1x Purifying Flame
  • 3x Witchling Stalkers

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.