Perdita Core Box

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Perdita Core Box

Guild – Family

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Perdita has always been a frightening gunfighter to see across the table, and that trend continues into Third Edition. In addition to dealing quite a bit of damage, she can also shoot Scheme Markers off the table from a distance, allowing her to save her Actions for the things that really matter (i.e., shooting people in the face). Her Family possesses the Bravado Ability, which allows them to maneuver themselves when taking the Concentrate Action, allowing for quick repositioning even in the midst of the fight.


The name Ortega is known throughout Malifaux as the greatest Neverborn Hunters around. In the early days of the Second Breach, the Guild put out a call for monster-slayers in Malifaux, and the impoverished Ortegas pooled their money to send the eldest son, Francisco, through the Breach.

But such was her hunger for adventure and a chance to prove herself that Perdita stole the ticket and journeyed in his stead. Armed with only a pistol, she felled horrors that could kill a dozen men, earning impressive bounties, and soon began sending for her family to join her Breachside.

It didn’t take long for stories to spread through all of Malifaux about the exploits of the Ortegas under Perdita’s command. They say that she can shoot a moving target with her eyes closed, that she once killed three Neverborn with a single bullet, and can even shoot around corners. There are many who have claimed to witness these amazing feats, and upon meeting Perdita, there are few who doubt them.

Despite being one of the best hunters this side of the Breach, Perdita shares a strange connection to the Neverborn. She is one of the few who have managed to capture one of them alive and has bound it to her will. This has been the foundation of many rumors about her mother’s identity. People who dare to ask such questions directly to the family, however, are not often able to ask questions again.

The Ortega family has recently come back from the Bayou, defeated, after a failed attempt at ending – or at the very least, closing – the ceaseless threat of the abominations pouring from the Red Cage. There simply isn’t enough ammunition in all of Malifaux to put a bullet in each mechanical zombie head. While Perdita can count the number of times she had to retreat on one hand, she’s perfectly fine with that increasing as long as the number of Ortegas remain the same.

Since Nekima’s rise to power and Titania’s reemergence, the Neverborn bounties have been piling up, which, for an Ortega, is normally a good problem to have. But even the most feared Guild gun has to reload every once in a while. For each Nephilim head brought back in a burlap sack, two more contracts would appear on her doorstep. Without an end in sight, Perdita and her family will need to come up with a creative solution to their problem, and fast.



  • Perdita Ortega

  • Francisco Ortega

  • Nino Ortega

  • Santiago Ortega

  • Papa Loco

  • Abuela Ortega

  • Enslaved Nephilim