Nellie Core Box

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Nellie Core Box

Guild – Journalist

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The Editor-in-Chief of the Malifaux Tattler is focused upon two things: mobility and debuffs. The Journalists are never ones to give up on a story, using their wit and innocence in combat like a knife. Masters of propaganda, this crew is able to spin any story with their Ability Exclusive Interview which allows full control over the Interact Action within 2” of them, punishing their enemies regardless of what their plan is.


Nellie Cochrane is the editor-in-chief of the Malifaux Tattler. She got her start as the head of a small daily newspaper in Ridley, but after exposing massive Union corruption, she was offered a position in Malifaux, taking charge of the city’s second official newspaper. And much like most offers provided by the Guild, the offer was too good to refuse, so she picked up her journal and camera, headed to Malifaux, and took the job without hesitation.

Many people in Malifaux see the Guild as corrupt, inept, and brutal. Nellie is none of these things. She has a genuine curiosity and spark about her. She understands that words have power: the power to compel, the power to mystify, and the power to change the course of history itself. Her pen is like a scalpel, and with it she cuts away the lies to reveal the truth of the city, not through viciousness or violence, but through argument and alliteration.

Nellie relentlessly seeks out new stories, exposing debauchery and misdeeds wherever she finds them… except within the Guild, of course. It’s in her contract to not bite the hand that feeds. This mandatory bias might rankle her journalistic ethics, but she’s convinced herself it’s a small price to pay for the ability to reach such a large readership. The perks of having reporters, fancy cameras, and an office with her name on it doesn’t hurt, either. Plus, there are so many other truths to reveal. How much harm could the Guild really be doing, anyway?

Nellie’s ability to survive in the city seems entirely due to the potential scandal her attacker would expose themselves to, and the foresight of her staff to keep her curiosity from getting the better of her. It doesn’t hurt to let an assailant know that it’s more painful to lose a reputation than a limb, too. At least in Malifaux, limbs can be replaced.

Nevertheless, she’s still received mountains of death threats from Arcanists, insults to her journalistic integrity from an anonymous critic named “Polly Sagequid MD,” and once had to be physically restrained by the Printing Press when Albus Von Schtook invited her to tour the University of Transmortis over his aethervox program.

These days, she keeps her ears open and her quill scrawling across her notes in the hope of finding the latest scoop. After all, it is her responsibility to report a (somewhat) free press to a (mostly) free people.

It’s the story of her own time; who cares if a tyrannical world power is the one providing the ink?


  • 1x Nellie Cochrane
  • 1x Phiona Cage
  • 1x Printing Press

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