Lady Justice Core Box

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Lady Justice Crew box

Guild – Marshall

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Brandishing her Greatsword in combat, Lady Justice is still a melee monster in Third Edition, though as the forces of the undead have started to adapt, so has she. As combatants, Lady Justice and her Death Marshals are uniquely specialized for fighting the forces of the undead; wielding the harsh necromantic magic of their enemies, Lady Justice and the Marshals have an unnatural vigor that provides them with lasting vitality when fighting their enemies. Unusual as it may seem, the weapon of choice for the Death Marshals is the Pine Box, wielding the wooden coffin as a magical conduit to trap their enemies and purge them of their strength. While they may be specialized against the undead, the Marshals are still a potent force against other enemies, whether through their innate survivability or by corrupting their foes with necromantic energy..


Though she wears the mantle given to her by the Guild, and is seen by the public as a stalwart defender against the horrors of the new world, very little is actually known about the woman called Lady Justice. Much of her background up to and including the circumstances surrounding her induction into the Guild have been carefully omitted and sealed.

Lady Justice prefers to speak with her actions. Wearing a binding of mysterious means, she nevertheless sees what many others miss. Her movements are graceful and measured, and when she strikes it is without mercy or hesitation.

She leads the Death Marshals, and their crusade against the threat of necromancy, which has earned them a popularity that is seldom seen from the public. This has made Justice an unwitting mascot for the Guild, and her face appears on recruitment posters across the city, promising a better tomorrow for all.

It is a sentiment the new Governor-General Franco Marlow does not share. He sees the Death Marshals as little better than the Resurrectionists they fight, squandering resources to satisfy a personal crusade, of which Marlow is increasingly convinced Justice is not in control.

When Marlow planned a ritual to banish the last of the Grave Spirit from Malifaux, she failed to prevent the ritual’s disruption at the hands of the Resurrectionists. She lost her Judge in the hunt for Nicodem, and worst of all it was discovered that Dr. Douglas McMourning was a traitor hiding right under Justice’s nose.

Already on thin ice, Justice knows each day that passes without capturing McMourning brings her Division closer to being shut down for good.

But for her, bringing back the doctor’s head is about more than upholding the integrity of the law. Since she lost the Judge, her lover, Lady Justice has become an unhinged animal with a sword, and she will stop as nothing until every last undead and Resurrectionist abettor is six feet under. Permanently.

It just so happens that McMourning is her latest target, and the more evasive he is, the more manic and obsessed she becomes.


  • 1x Lady Justice
  • 1x Judge
  • 1x Scales of Justice
  • 3x Death Marshals

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