Dashel Core Box

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Released On: 28.02.2020

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Dashel Barker’s meteoric rise through the ranks has finally landed him a position as the Commander of the Guild Guard. Dashel primarily acts as a summoner who calls in his subordinates to reinforce important positions on the field (i.e., Scheme Markers). Utilizing the Pursue Ability, which grants bonuses to their Actions when targeting enemies that have already activated during the turn, the Guard crew punishes their foes who aggressively attack them, while their constant reinforcements ensure that they are always at peak fighting strength.


Dashel Barker has done a tremendously horrible job at keeping his head down and flying under the radar, particularly in staying in one position for long. It seems that the harder he tries to keep quiet and in line, the further he advances his career and rank amongst the Guild. Sure, the money’s improved over the years, but so have the responsibilities. Paperwork? Scheduling? What about the good old days when all it took to be a part of the Guild was to split an Arcanist skull in two every other night’s watch?

To a whole generation of Guild troopers, Dashel Barker is still just “Drill Sergeant” Dashel, or “Sarge,” or “that brutal old bastard I hope to hell I never cross paths with again.” A sergeant’s life suited Dashel just fine. “I’m no officer,” he’d snarl happily at recruits who misread his rank. “I work for a damn living!”

It was just his bad luck to come to Lucius Mattheson’s notice as a man of fearsome reputation, limited ambition, and equally limited imagination. Captains were easier than sergeants to maneuver into special assignments without raising questions, and so Dashel got a new uniform and rank pins.

“Captain” Barker’s record from that period is currently sealed by order of the Governor’s Secretary, and Barker is always quick to silence such whispers with a baleful stare and latrine duty. What is known is Barker’s very public role in defeating the crazed puppeteer Collodi, saving countless lives in the process, inadvertently or otherwise. And thanks to another glowing recommendation by Lucius Mattheson, Governor-General Marlow slapped a dozen medals on him and promoted him to Commander of the Guild Guard.

Barker is now tasked with cleaning up the corruption in his department, and the irony hasn’t quite gotten through to Dashel’s thick skull just yet. A soldier from birth, Barker bristles under the mountains of paperwork and desk duty he now has to endure, making his already rocky personality downright volcanic. He drills and re-drills his squads as often as he is able, determined to hammer them into a force of discipline worthy of the sigil of the Guild, even when it means ordering them to shoot first and ask questions later.

It’s taken some time for him to get used to life behind a desk, but Commander Dashel Barker jumps at the opportunity to split skulls any day of the week.



  • 1x Dashel Barker
  • 1x Taggart Queek
  • 1x Dispatcher
  • 3x Riflemen

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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