Ulix Core Box

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The pig master of Malifaux wishes for a simple life, to spend summer days watching over his herd, letting the Pigs grow wild and free. Even in Third Edition, Ulix keeps with this theme, spending his time herding his Pigs into position and letting them grow in front of his eyes, getting stronger and tougher by the minute. His Pigs, however, have kept their wild and reckless nature with effects such as Rampage and Stampede, providing the Pigs with excess damage at the cost of their Health or a general sense for their own self-preservation.


Generally regarded to be slipperier than a greased rattle-snake, Ulix is far from the barley-garden variety Bayou Gremlin. He is master of hogs and all things hoggish, and spends much of his time tending his piggy charges in his family’s territory, which are some of the best lands for raising pigs anywhere in the Bayou.

No one understands pigs like old Ulix, and Gremlins seek out his advice and aid on any pig-related issues (of which Gremlins have plenty). Many dismiss the rough-looking Bayou denizen with a lame leg as being past his prime, but Ulix possesses one of the sharpest wits in all the Bayou. Other Gremlins might have more of that “human learning” nonsense, but Ulix has what he likes to call “swamp smarts,” something he feels too many young Gremlins dismiss these days.

All Gremlin settlements have learned to raise hogs, but no Gremlin has survived in the pens as long as Ulix, who seems to have a sixth sense for the beasts. With a glance, he can not only tell what gender each pig is, but also how big and tough it’s liable to be when it grows up, and how much feed he needs to make it grow quick and proper.

Though he was present for the Gremlin Democrazy, the ornery Ulix dismissed the whole notion as “crazy longpig gibberish” and voted for Zipp, mostly as a joke. Lenny being appointed as the leader didn’t impact the pig-herder in the slightest. He’s more concerned about the type of slop to feed his hogs than which Gremlin is going to drink themselves to death next.

But Ulix has not been sitting idle as the rest of the Gremlins have their fun. The families are preparing for big fights to come, and they want bigger, tougher, meaner hogs. Despite having the same willingness and interest of listening to the other Gremlins as one of his porkers wants to go to university, he’s agreed to provide his prized pigs to the cause, if for nothing else but to show the rest of them that he’s still got a skip in his step.

Being a hermit has its benefits, though. Without all of the constant pestering and providing for the next Bayou Bash, Ulix has been stirring up plans of his own.


  • 1x Ulix Turner
  • 1x Penelope
  • 1x Old Major
  • 3x Wild Boars

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  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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