Brewmaster Core Box

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Having severed all ties with the Ten Thunders, The Brewmaster now focuses all of his attention upon Gremlin issues. By poisoning his enemies via high-proof alcohol, The Brewmaster ensures that they will be unable to function effectively, even as they slowly succumb to the toxic mixtures in their bellies. His Tri-Chi followers, however, have imbibed so many of their boss’s concoctions they’ve gained the High Tolerance Ability, which reduces all damage they suffer from Poison to 0.


Gremlins are in general lazy, unrefined, and slipshod. Most of what they have is scavenged or stolen, and what they create themselves rarely lasts longer than anything else on the Bayou. But if there’s one thing they take pride in, it’s moonshine. Som’er Teeth Jones introduced this practice to the Gremlins, and for a time Gremlins considered his stills the best that Malifaux had to offer.

But in recent years, a stranger has come from the northern mountains, so skilled in the art that he has become the closest thing the Gremlins have to a religious icon.

Known as the Brewmaster, this Gremlin arrived in the Bayou with a band of loyal followers calling themselves the Tri-Chi. Though they looked and spoke strangely, they possessed a complex knowledge of brewing alcohol, enough to satisfy the most discerning Gremlin palette. Even Som’er was known to remove his hat and speak in big words when addressing the Brewmaster.

When the Gremlins held their Democrazy, the Brewmaster was considered the only one the Gremlins trusted enough to count the vote. Well, that and most of them didn’t know how to count in the first place.

Unknown to the Gremlins, the Brewmaster was raised from birth to serve the Ten Thunders. They wished to exploit the Gremlins’ love of alcohol, and unite them around a leader that they controlled. And for a while, their plan seemed to work.

But the more the Brewmaster moved among his kind, seeing the simple joy of being a Gremlin and how they looked to him for wisdom (and booze), the less he liked the idea of marching them to their deaths for his “masters.” The thought settled in his stomach like a bad case of rotgut, and so he decided to take a stand against those who made him.

He knows the Thunders will call for him eventually, and he intends to be ready. In the meantime, he’s content with competing with Popcorn Turner and any other Gremlin who wants to take a stab at the art of brewing a finely crafted beverage.


  • 1x The Brewmaster
  • 1x Fingers Leong
  • 1x Apprentice Wesley
  • 3x Moon Shinobi

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.