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Never one to play fair if he can avoid it, Som’er has recruited the whole Jones clan (and whomever else was around at the time) to back him up in the fight. Swarming his enemies with his Ability to summon in his “family”, Som’er now has a bigger hat than ever, and you won’t forget it! Distinctive to those Big Hat Gremlins is the Bayou Bash Ability, giving them benefits to their Actions for every other Big Hat model in the area, allowing them to swarm their enemy, even if only from a few meager Bayou Gremlins.


In all the Bayou, there’s no Gremlin more rootin’, tootin’, foul-mouthed, nor brazen as a brass boar like Som’er Teeth Jones. He’s led the Jones family for as long as anyone can remember, although given the memory of Gremlins, that isn’t as impressive as it sounds. But he has lived a long time, a distinction that comes from being tough as nails, and smart enough to send others to do the really dangerous stuff for him.

Many Gremlin traditions trace their origins to Som’er, including having a big hat to distinguish rank, distilling moonshine, and training pigs as mounts and food. His success as a bandit has made Som’er a local legend, drawing recruits from all over the Bayou.

Huddled around their fires, Gremlins tell stories of how he got his name: after taking a blow to the face that would have killed a hog, he spat his teeth at his attacker and said “Som’er here and som’er there,” demonstrating his grit (and gap-toothed grin).

Som’er was among the first to sense a change in the air from Malifaux City. Something portentous was coming, and he believed that for the Gremlins to survive, they would have to unite (it was really Zoraida’s idea, but like most things, he took credit). Getting a few Gremlins in the same room, let alone agree on something, however, is about as easy as it sounds.

Som’er somehow managed to gather the other Gremlin families together for the “Democrazy,” a vote to decide a central leader. Reluctant to let the other bosses win, but knowing they’d never vote for him, Som’er elected his son Lenny instead, who won in a landslide. While Som’er insists his son is the Gremlin-General, anyone with half a wit knows the real orders come from dear old dad.

Since the big election, Som’er has been dwelling on what to do next. For the first time since he can remember (which, to be fair, could mean since yesterday), he’s got enough time to accomplish some of his big ideas. Now it’s just a matter of who to rip off, steal, or kill, and who is going to do the job well enough for him to take all the credit.


  • 1x Som’er Teeth Jones
  • 1x Lenny Jones
  • 2x Skeeters
  • 3x Good Ol’ Boys

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.