Mah Tucket Core Box

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The leader of the Tucket family has been around the block a few times, and she’s picked up plenty of devious tricks over the course of her long life. On the battlefield, she combines a high damage output with a frankly absurd amount of movement, making her one of the more mobile masters in the game. The Tricksy Gremlins in Mah Tucket’s Crew follow in her footsteps with the powerful Scamper Ability, which allows them to move up to 3” each time an enemy model Cheats Fate.


Perhaps more than even the Joneses, the Tuckets embrace the Guild’s depiction of Gremlins as dangerously unpredictable bandits. They wear it proudly, engaging in brazen acts of theft that often have no point other than to draw attention to themselves.

It takes a masterful hand to lead such a band, but Mah Tucket makes do with a big wyrdwood spoon she uses to thump just about everyone, whether they deserve it or not.

Mah is not above her family’s antics either, having a sizable bounty for an extensive list of crimes. These include multiple counts of grand theft, assault with a weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, assault with livestock, assault with deadly livestock, assault with a cadaver, assault resulting in destruction of property, assault and trespassing (and vice versa), assault with intent to harm, assault with intent to kill, assault with intent to berate, assault “just because,” public indecency, profanity, jaywalking, and tax evasion (a clerical error).

But despite her public image, Mah is not stupid. Female Gremlins tend to have a bit more brainpower than the menfolk anyways, and while she indulges their desire for wild plunder, she doesn’t let it interfere with her goals. Mah has big plans for the Bayou, and when the Gremlins held their Democrazy, she decided – after a bit of unintended sexism on behalf of the Brewmaster – that she was going to give her vote to Lenny Jones, despite her longstanding animosity with his father, Som’er Teeth Jones.

Those inquiring Gremlin minds, particularly Jones spies, have kept a close eye on her and the Tucket family, and have concluded that she is, indeed, a Gremlin (as if that was ever a question). And a pretty good cook, too.

It isn’t easy to get information from spying alone, as the Tucket’s land is riddled with inescapable pit traps, which make relaying any information back to Som’er a near-impossible task.

Anything beyond that is anyone’s guess, because those who try to pry end up getting the business end of her spoon.


  • 1x Mah Tucket
  • 1x Little Lass
  • 1x Trixiebelle
  • 3x Bayou Bushwhackers

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.