Zipp Core Box

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Zipp Core Box

Bayou – Infamous

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The dreaded pirate of the skyship Infamy has broadened his horizons and formed an unlikely partnership with a number of less-than-reputable Outcasts. As one of the newest dual-faction Masters, Zipp boasts insane speed and some impressive debuffing capabilities. Ever eager to impress their captain and live up to his growing reputation, his Infamous Crew possess the Showboating Ability, which allows them to draw a card if they Cheated Fate during their Activation.


Zipp is a sky pirate extraordinaire, the most feared Gremlin in the skies, and ruthless leader of the Iron Skeeters. Or, at least, that’s what he rambles on about to anyone who seems interested (which, thanks to Zipp’s determination and showmanship, is just about everyone in his vicinity).

Ever since the day Zipp discovered an aethervox and heard stories of grand adventure being broadcast across it, he knew he was destined for great things. He started by robbing caravans with a crew of other Gremlins, but it was never quite daring enough for him. He had dreamed of being a fearsome brigand or a dastardly clever villain, not a common thief.

Everything changed the day Zipp stole an experimental airship from the Guild. He’s christened it the Infamy, and with it he terrorizes Malifaux from the skies.

Leaping from the ship on his moonshine-powered (well, at the very least, moonshine seems to work) jetpack, Zipp wields his purloined lightning gun against his unfortunate victims… or rather, he does so once his victims have heard a proper monologue.

To Captain Zipp, the mission and materials gained after succeeding are only as valuable as the stories they merit. After all, you can’t just go around killing and robbing folks without a proper monologue. How else are they supposed to know who robbed them?

And his antics are starting to bear fruit. In a seemingly random occurrence, Captain Zipp crossed fated paths with one of his heroes, Parker Barrows, and after a long night of drinking that would make even the most alcohol-hardened Gremlin pass out, both the famed bandit and sky pirate agreed to join forces.

While the job that they dreamed up in their drunken stupor was about as well-thought out as making a silurid in charge of piloting an airship, a plan was nevertheless made to attempt the impossible. Knowing he would need to bolster his crew for such a task, Zipp put out an open call for those eager to seize glory, drawing like-minded oddballs and weirdos for miles around, attracting wrastlers and former Steamfitters alike.

Faction: Bayou

Keyword: Infamous


  • Captain Zipp

  • The First Mate

  • Earl Burns

  • 3 Iron Skeeters