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Shifting his focus from Second Edition, Sandeep now focuses on controlling the elements of Malifaux and Shackling them into a physical form, allowing him to Summon new models and control the Elementals in his Crew. Along with the other Academics at his disposal, Sandeep utilizes his Mantra Ability giving himself and Elementals around him benefits when they take the Concentrate Action.


Orphaned at an early age in Guild-occupied India, Sandeep Desai was raised at a local temple. There, he proved to be a quick student, devouring books on the arcane and showing a deep and immediate understanding of elemental manipulation, soon becoming a powerful mage in his own right. Unfortunately, the atrocities inflicted upon his homeland by the Guild had bred a seething anger within him.

With the guidance of his mentor and teacher, Sandeep was able to live a satisfying and peaceful life of study. Sadly, that ended abruptly as his master, the Acharya, was executed along with many of his students for speaking against and undermining the local Guild government. In a rage, Sandeep took up his former master’s cursed gada, a heavy mace bound with the essence of the fiery spirit Banasuva, and wrought a terrible vengeance on the soldiers that day.

Having lost his home and adopted family, and becoming a criminal in his homeland in the process, Sandeep escaped to Malifaux with the help of Victor Ramos, accepting his offer of help and promise of retribution in return for safe passage and his services in training a new generation of Arcanists in the ways of magic.

Holding classes in secret, he has become a teacher of the arcane, instructing his eager students in the art of manipulating the wild aetheric currents of Malifaux and the proper use of the precious Soulstones. Sandeep has committed himself to be a teacher first and foremost, and those studying under him have found him to be a patient and talented mentor as he works towards personal growth and spiritual calm.

The recent upheaval within the ranks of the Arcanists and the arrest of Victor Ramos troubles Sandeep deeply, as his fears of further chaos and senseless infighting puts himself and his students at risk while the Arcanists cause begins to fracture. Wisely, Sandeep has refused to take sides in the schism, preferring instead to observe, meditate, and, where possible, provide the neutral voice of reason for those still willing to listen.

Some feel that Sandeep is too passive in his dealings, while others – particularly former students and associates who have seen this man in battle – understand that underneath his calm demeanor lies a powerful, and deadly opponent with a burning desire to strike back at the Guild that so long ago wronged him.


  • 1x Sandeep Desai
  • 1x Kudra
  • 1x Banasuva
  • 3x Shastar Vidiya Guards

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.