Colette Core Box

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Collette Core Box

Arcanists – Performer

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The owner of the Star Theater is a consummate showman and skilled magician who relies upon leveraging the Distracted Condition to render her opponents harmless. Her magician’s tricks serve her well on the battlefield, as she’s able to disappear in the blink of an eye or swap the positions of friendly models. The Performers of the Star Theater possess the Don’t Mind Me Ability allowing for the Interact Action to be taken even while engaged, making it very difficult for the opponent to prevent them from completing their Strategies and Schemes.


The owner of the Star Theater – the most famous establishment this side of the Breach – and a master illusionist, Colette Du Bois has risen from a lowly pickpocket to heights she never could have dreamed.

Every night, she and her girls put on a dazzling display of true magic disguised as mere sleight of hand, distracting the eye with smoke and mirrors. All it would take is one wrong move, one suspicious officer, and her world would come crashing down. It’s stressful to keep the world paying attention to the wrong hand, but the magician in her loves the trick. So long as she can continue dazzling everyone, she can keep the freedoms she’s earned for herself and her girls. It’s a dangerous game that she plays, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Colette’s fortunes are tied to the Arcanists through their smuggling operations, and few know the hidden routes like she and her troupe. While this has made her irreplaceable, it also left her obliged to Victor Ramos and his increasing demands, despite the danger to her girls. The man she once saw as an ally was becoming a thorn in her side.

Colette dabbed dry eyes when Ramos was put in irons, but she couldn’t afford to sit on her laurels. Her talents both on and off the stage have made her more popular than ever. A troubled city looks to the Star for levity and escape, and she is more than willing to provide.

In fact, since Ramos has been hauled away to prison, the Star Theater has flourished. Whether that is because Ramos had a hand in stifling the theater’s prosperity or if Colette’s stress levels have been reduced so that she can focus on bringing the biggest and loudest shows into her doors is unknown (to everyone but Colette, of course).

Since the disruption in the Arcanists, Kaeris has decided to take a weight off of her own shoulders by giving Colette greater control over their smuggling efforts, freeing her to seek out new opportunities on both sides of the Breach, which Colette has accepted without hesitation.

Now goods of all sorts flow freely between the worlds, and the profits have allowed Colette to hire more evocative entertainers.


  • 1x Colette Du Bois
  • 1x Cassandra Felton
  • 3x Showgirls
  • 3x Mechanical Doves

Please note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
  • Printed materials are supplied in English.