Aristeia! Event Kit – English

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Aristeia! Event Kit – English

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There are many ways to enjoy Aristeia!, the new board game from Corvus Belli. With the arrival of the organized play program, the Aristeia! Global League (AGL) will open a range of possibilities for every type of player.

Some players like to compete against their friends and spend time improving their tactics and strategies, while others enjoy the stories being told inside and outside the HexaDome, and don’t mind losing some games as long as the experience was fun and interesting. Our main goal when designing the AGL Program has been to offer something appealing to every player, whether they are competitive aces, narrative dreamers, or avid collectors.

By taking part in the AGL Program, the player will join a great international community of people with whom enjoy the most exciting sport in the Human Sphere beyond the tabletop.

The AGL program will offer different ways to enjoy the game. From casual events in which the player will just enjoy a fun board game, to exciting official tournaments where they will test their tactical skills against rivals from all over the World. Whichever format they choose, all official events will award exclusive limited edition prizes for the players and will allow them to climb positions in the International Ranking.

From Corvus Belli we will support the beginning of the first season of the AGL program with the release of the first Event Kit. This kit, that will contain prizes designed for up to twelve players, will allow organizers to report the results of any kind of official event, be it tournaments, leagues, or casual events.

Kit content:

1 Limited Edition Event Winner badge
2 Limited Edition Dice Bags
2 Limited Edition Art Prints
4 Limited Edition Metal Victory Points tokens
4 Limited Edition Metal Frag tokens
6 Special Sponsor Cards
12 Basic Sponsors Cards
4 Limited Edition Promo Character Cards
8 random Aristeia! badges
6 HexaDomes
Please note:

This is a season 1 event kit supplied in English